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سامسونگ ES30

قیمت جهانی سامسونگ ES30 هست  : 80 یورو معادل 336 هزار تومان


The Samsung ES30 is an entry level digital camera. Its main attractions are a low price and ease of use. In fact there are not many digital cameras around that are cheaper than the ES30 from a recognised brand.

Samsung have placed the emphasis on simplicity rather than features. The features that are available to you include 12 megapixels and a 5x wide angle zoom lens. The fact that Samsung have included a larger than standard 3 inch LCD screen is a pleasant bonus for a digital camera at this price point.

Other features include blink detection and a smile shutter. When blink detection is activated the ES30 will fire off an extra three shots if it detects someone in the photo has blinked. The smile shutter will automatically take a picture if the camera detects someone is smiling.

Looking at the dimensions of the camera it should fit into larger pockets. The ES30 is available in black, silver and pink. It is also one of the decreasing number of digital cameras that are powered by AA batteries. For close up work the ES30 can focus from 5cm away from the subject.

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